Mists of the Soul

I have been a spiritual seeker of the path most of my life, as most I am a combination of many universal traditons ideals and beliefs and talents. I lean towards Native American, because the energies of where I live. Lakota tribal land in NNW Iowa, USA My journey began in search of the Great Flood in religions, and I wandered from there... Seeker, Guide, Artist, Watercolorist. Calligrapher

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Into the mist

into the mist I slip in sleep, my mother sleeping hair short and blonde cold as always I stroke her hair to comfort her, as she comforted me as a child I lay my self next to her as we napped when I was a child, and I held her I come out of the mist white bright and warm, I light a candle for her for she is gone

Friday, March 06, 2009


MIsts,....fog, light rain, snow, always water.

Water is the symbol of feelings and emotion. Calm or Turbulent.

But as Mist it is soft and thick and and smooth and moving.

It is about great gentle change, slow and steady towards our inner self. Each little bit of water, is an aspect of ourselves in motion. Change scares us, for it is unknown and unseen, out of our control. So is Mist...I have often been in an white out, of fog an snow and rain. There is nothing to see all around. No idea where you are or where you are going...and you are stuck in the situation.

Entering the MISTS is faith...that you will be taken care of, that you will be guided, and safely make it thru to the light

Friday, February 27, 2009

Light Seekers

To all who venture here:

You will find your other side hidden in the mists from your awareness. It is always there your soul self...but you ignore it as much as possible. So it is

But for those who are aware, and know and seek the other part hidden in the mist, welcome. Let us explore and travel the path together for a while an see what we shall see!

In Love and Light may your path be forever Bright!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mists of Mind

Your eyes are open yet all you see in your mind is a dull white grayness. Silent you hear nothing. You feel nothing. You are unmoveable wrapped up in this white mist Just mist forever.....

In Alaska, the Native Americans have many many names for white. Our world is so narrow, we only have a few. Artists use 9 from white to black, a good artist uses 15 grades. They say the most popular color of interior paint is white 300 shades. But none of that is what this mist is.

This is a mist of the mind, when the mind turns off from something it cannot handle or explain or is just no longer up to struggling with it. In our world turned upside down in the last few months, and people beyond the coping point, they fall into this mist.

The mist is sancutary, a safe place to rest and regroup, to hear finally your spirit making you understand it will be alright. It might not be fair, but then no one ever promised this pathway thru this life would be. Time to pull up your boot straps and get out there and do the work, people are in need, an old medicine man once told me.

Know that however bad things may seem, it is usually your fear speaking. When you can reach again to your inner spirit, then you KNOW what is real, what is really important, what really matters. And then you can go on with your life's path.

For you are loved always, and unconditionally no matter what happens or where you go. A smile will do miracles.

So when you encounter the mist of the mind, fear not, take a deep breath, and hold on, and know you are loved and taken care of.

Dancing Mists

Monday, August 06, 2007

Mists of Summer

In late July and early August the humidity and dew point soar, as the crops in the field keep on growing....

A mist slowly curls up from the river, then over the bank and across the fields. This is also the the full moon of the old early harvest bonfires. That full moon blends with the mists and creates things real? or maybe not?

A few years ago I was in the mist at sunrise, when spirit dancers appeared and there was magic.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Mists of Love for the Soul

It has been a while since I reached out to you.....There are lots of reasons from the ordinary world, to vacations, and grandsons....but excuses are just that....I have not been attentive to those who may be lead here...

Souls, working the path of spirituality, waver and leave the path. This is a know fact. Some leave it for decades, some forever, some for just a small break.

Finding your was back to the Soul's pathway, is easy really. Just look for the clues. Yep, CLUES. You and/or the One have left them laying all over the place for you. Maybe a sacred rock in a drawer, A line from a book, a affirmation, a sunny day, or starlight night. They are as varied as there are stars.

I have been distressed, for death has been walking around and crossing my path way too much, grieving my heart.

Now you say, WHAT? you are an enlightened soul, you know all the lectures of the liberation of the soul. And this is true, and they run thru my being like a litany and over. The affirmations, the books, the rituals, the healing, the memories, knowledge of the other dimensions, and ONE.

BUT...I am an embodied soul right now in this dimension, I still have to deal with physical grief, and emotional sorrow. Regaining and trying to maintaining what my soul knows, against a physical existence. Really, it is okay to grieve, cry, visit the cemetery, memories from photos, holding on to small things of that person.

That person helped make you who and what your are today. The closer and more time you spent with them makes them a big part of you learning on the soul pathway. Never ignore that, or close the door on that learning, even if it is tinged in pain of grief.

For with the learning came love and that is light energy, given and taken and that is "real". Swim in that love, emerge yourself in it and be whole for whatever time you have with someone, and with yourself.


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mists of Peace

Mist crowds my minds, driving away thoughts...mists are a place to rest. This time of year always makes me think of the ants hurrying to get ready for winter coming.

In the mist thoughts can drift and turn and combine and that is a place of creativity, from a painting to how to organize the space in the bathroom.

In the mist the turmoil of emotions calm again, giving peace for a time.Mist is a refuge from the outward world. You can practice your spirituality, pray for all your blessings, and soothe your grief.

Lately, the blog is a bit dreary....Death has been stroding around in my world...each time I have to pass thru my old beliefs and conditioning to what I really know and believe. It is just a passing like from one room to another, should be a celebration of gladness for the one who is gone, now they know all those answers to our musings. And it IS a nicer place than here. But we will keep working on making this nice anyway!!